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Can a Water Leak Lead To Mold?

Water damage refers to several possible losses caused by water getting into places where it can attack material or systems. Water can cause degrading processes such as rotting, mold growth, bacterial growth, and rusting of metal.

Water damage affects the structural integrity, appearance, and aesthetic of buildings. Water damage can be fast or slow; no matter how fast or slow it occurs, it still causes property loss. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Queens, we professionally help you get rid of water damage and even mold, which can appear after.

Is It Important to Deal With Water Damage Immediately?

It is imperative to deal with water damage as soon as you discover it. Water damage will lead to a lot of property losses if not dealt with immediately. Also, it can cause:

  • Rotting of wood
  • Mold growth
  • Rusting of metal like steel
  • Bacteria growth
  • Swelling of composite woods
  • Delamination of materials such as plywood.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a microorganism that thrives in areas that are moist and damp. It causes degradation to many materials in your premises. Mold grows in many colors, additionally, different types of mold can grow in the same place at the same time. The most common colors for mold are black, green, or gray.

Black mold is the most common mold. When you have water damage in your place, black mold takes less than 48 hours to grow. When you suspect mold growing in your premises, it is prudent to call Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Queens to help you remediate the mold. We have a well-trained professional team to deal with mold safely without endangering your household.

Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold is dangerous when not attended to. Mold causes the degradation of materials in your premises, leading to loss of property. Some molds, especially one particular type of black mold, are toxic. Molds cause respiratory diseases when you inhale the microscopic spores. Inhalation of mold causes allergic reactions in some people. Mold can cause chronic coughs, fatigue, and persistent headaches.

When mold spores enter the lungs, they can trigger or worsen asthma attacks. The symptoms may be progressive, from sneezing to nasal congestion and worsening of asthma in the long run. Recent studies have also shown that mold is linked to depression. It is said that people living in the moldy home are prone to getting depression as the mold can affect the nervous system.

Conditions for Mold Growth

There are a few conditions that encourage the growth of mold. They include:

  • Water damage. When your home has had some water damage, the occurrence of mold is very likely, if you do not drain the water properly. Mold from water damage is avoidable by making sure you have no leaking pipes or other leaks.
  • Poor ventilation. Mold will grow very fast in a room that has poor ventilation as there is no airflow. Poor ventilation allows mold spores to settle on surfaces causing the growth of mold. Pay attention to your basement. Make sure that it is well ventilated to discourage the growth of mold.
  • High humidity. High humidity is a perfect condition to encourage the growth of mold. Mold thrives where there is a lot of moisture. A humid room, such as a bathroom, has a high moisture content. This damp condition will expedite the growth of mold.
  • Poor maintenance. If you do not take care of your place, it is likely to get mold. Poor premises maintenance provides the perfect conditions for mold growth. Make sure that you does not have any leaking roofs, broken window seals, or leaking plumbing. These conditions will cause moisture to get into your house and facilitate the growth of mold.

How Can Mold Damage Your Property?

Mold can damage your property in many ways. They include;

  • Warping walls. When you have mold in your house, you will notice that your walls will start to warp. It is one of the main indications that you have mold.
  • Crumbling plaster and blistering paint. When you have a mold infestation on your premises, you will notice that your plaster will start crumbling, and paint on your wall will start blistering. These two are some of the main indications that you may have mold in your house, as mold is not easily noticeable.
  • Cracking tiles. Mold will cause the tiles in your house to crack, and the cracks get bigger with time. If you notice cracking tiles, look for a professional mold inspection service.

How Do We Deal With Mold From Water Damage?

Mold can be toxic, and we cannot tell toxic mold from non-toxic mold just by looking at it. It is, therefore, imperative to call a professional mold remediation team. At Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Queens, we offer the best mold remediation services in the Queens area.

The following steps are what the professional mold remediation team will follow when dealing with mold from water damage.

  • Locate the areas affected by water damage. The first thing to do when we get to the customer's premises is to look for where the water damage has occurred. If there is a leak it must be repaired for water damage restoration and mold remediation to be successful.
  • Cleanup water damage. After the leak is fixed, the team will clean and drain all the water, and make sure that there is no more leakage.
  • Allow the area to dry.After cleaning up and draining the water, we make sure it dries in a timely fashion with drying equipment.
  • Remediate mold. The final step is to remediate the mold, if it will appear. The remediation process is determined by what type of mold you have, where it grows, and how much property was damaged.

How to Prevent Water Damage and Future Mold Growth?

To prevent water damage and future mold on your premises, first of all, make sure that your plumbing is leak-free. Keep your rooms well ventilated and moisture-free. In case of accidental flooding, ensure that you contact the water damage restoration team ASAP.

For the best water damage restoration services and mold remediation in Queens, Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Queens is here for you. Our mold remediation team is well trained to handle your building well. With our help, you have a guarantee of quality work all the time and at pocket-friendly prices. Feel free to contact us at 718-535-7916 for estimates on water damage restoration and mold remediation services.


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